Livpure Smart Touch 8.5-Litre RO Water Purifier

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Livpure's Smart Touch RO Water Purifier is India's first intelligent water purification system with touch technology. Read more

 Its taste enhancer kills odour-causing elements from water and gives out purified water that's free of any foul smell and taste. Its water storage capacity is 8.5 litres. The water purifier helps eliminate turbidity; minerals such as chlorine, calcium, and magnesium; organics such as pesticides; as well as THMs, bacteria, and viruses. Buy this water purifier online from the Livpure website at a reasonable price. The water purifier provides multiple dispensing options: Customized glass, customized bottle, and continuous water flow.

Specifications Descriptions
Brand: Livpure
Color: Metallic Blue and White
Unmatched 8 stages advanced purification system
Smart water dispensing options: One customized glass, one customized bottle and continues water flow
Purified water storage capacity: 8.5 liters
Advanced filter change indication system 365 days customer care support quick and customer friendly service
Customer care number on display panel Removes turbidity, Chlorine, Calcium, Magnesium and a wide range of organics such as pesticides, THMs, Bacteria, Virus
Capacity: 8.5 liters
Warranty: 1 year on product
Power: 24 watts

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