Faber Hood Topaz Smart (3D T2S2 BK TC LTW)90 chimney

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Now, it's easy to cook in a healthier environment. Faber 3D chimneys' T2S2 technology provides 3-way suction that draws out pollutants such as SO2, NO and CO from your kitchen. Read more

Ensuring OVER 90% efficiencybaffle filters create an impenetrable barrier for grease. With patented FABER design, these filters have been devised so that vapors have to suddenly chop and change direction, thereby separating the grease particles and making extraction as quiet as possible. The baffle filters are made of STAINLESS STEEL, making them extremely hard-wearing and giving the hood very professional appearance. In addition, they are easily cleaned in the dishwasher or washed by hand.Ensuring OVER 90% efficiencybaffle filters create an impenetrable barrier for grease.

Specifications Descriptions
Brand: FABER
Size: 90 cm
Suitable for 4-5 Burners
Suction: 1095 CMH Suitable for kitchen size >200 sqft & heavy frying/grilling
Baffle Filter : Uses panels to separate grease & spice, half-yearly cleaning

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