Eureka Forbes AG 200 (UV) Water Purifier

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Aqua guard 200 ensures that wholesome natural salts and minerals in the water are retained without adding iodine or chemicals. Read more

Its electronic monitoring system uses a photo resistor to stop the flow of water instantly if purification is incomplete. To ensure maximum contact time in the purification chamber, the water flows against the force of gravity. It switches on automatically when the water level is low and switches off again when the water level is full. Besides saving power, reducing maintenance cost and eliminating physically monitoring, it ensures that the water storage tank of the cooler is always full. The sediment filter back flushing is simplified by pull and turn (90 degree) back flush knob on the universal diverted valve. During this mode, the water flow gets reversed and the sediments settled on the filter are flushed out through the water tap fixed. 
Specifications Descriptions
Brand: eureka Forbes
Intelligent Purity Sensory System
Complete Water Purification with e-boiling
High Flow Rate
Mineral Preserver System
Efficient After-Sales Service at Your Doorstep
One Year Warranty

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